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Why there is so much conflicting advice from internet marketers?

Have you ever felt like you were lied to by someone who was supposedly an internet marketing expert or even a “guru”?

Try not to feel bad about that, most people feel that way. But THIS is not an anti-guru article. You will see in this article why there are so many different kinds of advice about starting out online.

Many marketers will tell you the first step to making money online is to read a book on marketing principles or to learn copywriting.Some urge you to put up a website right away, like it should be the first thing you do to start a business.Ah, but there are others who claim that the very first step you need to is lucky day app legit take is to do niche research.  Several experts say that simply taking action is the first step.There’s even experts who say that you should evaluate your passions and interest, or take a personality assessment test to see what would be a good business model and niche for you to follow, or get into.

Let’s clear this up once and for all:

If taking action is the first step, what actions are you supposed to take?  Is your first action to get hosting, get a domain name and build a website?

When your next step is to get that website built, how will you know what the website needs to be about?  Whatever your site is about means knowing what your niche is interested in.  Knowing what your niche is interested in means doing niche and keyword research.

Decide first what niche you want to work with, what content and what products will you promote. Do that before you build a niche website.

Deciding on what niche you want to get into can be done using 2 different methods:

The first method would be to put up websites that you have some interest in.Suppose there is little or no income potential in that niche, why bother?

You could also build your sites around what are the most popular niches with potential for a lot of traffic and income.

These are all the little details that need to be worked out prior to taking action like putting up a website.  You should have a reason and a plan prior to building a website.

However, if you want to go deeper into what the first step really is, then you want to know how to be competent or even great at selling products from your website.

Will you really guarantee success once you understand marketing before you begin to build a website or start to promote products? If that is true, you must become good at understanding the consumer mindset and get to be a good copywriter.

It seems like there’s so much involved in starting a home-based business because everyone is telling you what they think the first step is.

The reason why there’s so much conflicting advice on the most basic of steps is that these internet marketing advice givers are speaking from their personal experiences.

Starting and maintaining your own business is a journey not a race.Your personal development directly affects the success of your business and its pace of growth.What you need to keep in mind when you get advice, it might be someone else’s truth, not yours.

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